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Emergency Level First AID with CPR/AED Certificate

TEmergency Level First Aid training and certification is a requirement of the basic training program for security guards. The equivalent to St. John Ambulance course Emergency Level First Aid is the standard. Upon completion of an emergency level first aid course, security guards should be familiar with:

• emergency scene management

• treatment of shock, unconsciousness and fainting

• choking – adults

• severe bleeding

• One Rescuer CPR – Adult

Below are some of the most popular options for gaining your First-Aid/CPR Certification:

• St. John Ambulance

• Red Cross

• First Aid 4 U

You could also check your local classifieds, Kijiji, or local service groups that may be holding in-house First-Aid classes. Upon receiving your certificate, we require a photocopy to be sent to us through scanned, fax or e-mail. This can be done anytime during the time of your online course. If you are still having trouble with finding a course, we will do our best to help find one that will be as close to you as we can find.

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